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Communication Squared is about practical, engaging business communication training and expert content creation services – a Finnish no-nonsense approach combined with international communications experience.

Mikä oikeasti toimii kansainvälisessä yritysviestinnässä?

Olen tehnyt töitä englanniksi B2B-yritysmaailmassa 20 vuotta. Siihen mahtuu aika paljon kantapään kautta opittua osaamista siitä, mikä oikeasti toimii kansainvälisessä yritysviestinnässä.

Se mikä toimii, on aito vuorovaikutus ja selkeä, mukaansatempaava viesti. Ota rohkeasti yhteyttä, aloitetaan heti ja laitetaan organisaationne englanninkielinen viestintä kuntoon!

Raisa McNab – Communication Squared

What can we do for you?

What’s your story? What do you need to feel comfortable engaging with your international audience? What does your organisation need to really make an impact globally?

Let’s work it out. We will:

  • boost your skills and confidence in speaking and writing English
  • teach you practical tips and tricks to engage your audience better
  • coach you to write and give the best pitch ever
  • create compelling marketing and web content for you.


Compelling business communication is about engaging and influencing your audience.

Our training focuses on effective, creative ways to improve your communications skills.

Content Creation

The first step towards internationalisation is getting the message right.

Our content creation crystallises your message and converts it into compelling content.


Behind Communication Squared you’ll find Raisa McNab and her team.

We are friendly, fun and hands-on, with a practical common sense approach.

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We’re based in Hämeenlinna, Finland, but we’re there for you, no matter where you are.

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